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Ministry Of Agriculture Commits To Transform Dominica’s Coconut Industry

In a significant move to revitalize the country’s agricultural landscape, the Ministry of Agriculture has unveiled ambitious plans to rejuvenate Dominica’s coconut industry.

Speaking at a Media Launch earlier today, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Lakeyia Joseph, pledged the ministry’s plan to revive the coconut industry on island.

One of the primary goals of this initiative is to substantially increase coconut production across the island. Additionally, the Ministry will introduce the utilization of Venezuelan Dwarf Coconuts to bolster Dominica’s crop.

The inclusion of the “Coco House” at this year’s rendition of Ti Vilaj Kweyol serves as a hub of advocacy and awareness for coconut and coconut-related products.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Lakeyia Joseph

Dominica’s coconut industry is being revitalized to boost food security, provide employment, and decrease imports. The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to sustainable development for the agriculture sector.


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