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Melissa Skerrit Promises Bigger and Better for Roseau Central

Dominica Labour Party (DLP)  Candidate for the Roseau Central Constituency, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit, has promised to deliver bigger and better once elected as the next MP for the area.

The candidate urged residents of the constituency to dream big as they elect her into office in Dominica’s upcoming General Elections on December 6.

Mrs. Skerrit made the comments during her highly anticipated launching on Saturday evening in Roseau, between the town’s main entrance bridges.

“Dream big and I will deliver bigger and better for you”, Mrs. Skerrit said in reference to roads and other forms of infrastructure, housing, and employment.

Mrs. Skerrit also clearly indicated her reasons for running for Roseau Central MP, declaring that she is running “…because I am passionate about people, and I am passionate about politics.  I am running because i know I can make a difference”.

Meantime, the current MP for Roseau Central and DLP Candidate for Roseau North, Joseph Isaac, has fully endorsed Melissa Poponne-Skerrit as the candidate for Roseau Central.

He urged the DLP supporters on Saturday to go out and vote for Mrs. Skerrit as they work hand-in-hand to bring both seats to the Dominica Labour Party.

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