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Matron of PMH Expresses Gratitude

Matron of the Princess Margaret Hospital, Vanya bruney expressed her great appreciation for the staff and ward aids for the dedication and motivation in spite of various challenges.

She specifically pointed out the staff of the Acute Psychiatric Unit at the PMH for their commitment to work in less that warranted conditions as the building undergoes construction

“But more so the staff of the APU as we call know there is construction going on now at the APu while the nurses continue to administer care and continue to give their service at the APU. In spite of their challenges, the nurses continue to come to work, report to work on time and do their very best”

Bruney made mention of a meeting with the Minister of Health, Permanent Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer where a solution to the current problems were discussed.

She continued that “I was very happy when we met with them a few days ago, the Minister of Health, permanent secretary and CMO we met with the staff at the APU and I must say the meeting went very well, but more importantly the outcome was good”

She concluded that a resolution was found to the problems experienced at the APU department of the PMH




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