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Marine Users Told To Exercise Caution Due To Expected Sargassum Increase In July

Fisherfolks and users of the marine space are being advised to exercise caution during the month of July following a projected extreme increase in the accumulation of Sargassum Seaweed by the Sargassum Subregional-outlook bulletin (UWI CERMES).

According to Communications officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Petra Shillingford, it is expected that in the upcoming weeks, there will likely be an increase in the influx of sargassum. As a result, Fishers should exercise caution while travelling through large mats of sargassum to reduce the possibility of stalling.

Those who suffer from asthma or other breathing conditions are also advised to be cautious as rotting Sargassum produces hydrogen sulphide gas which may irritate the eyes, nose, and throat.

Communications officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Petra Shillingford

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