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Marigot Housing Units: Construction to begin September 1

Construction will begin on new housing units in Marigot by September 1.

That announcement has come from newly launched candidate for the Marigot Constituency Gregory Karessah Riviere.

Riviere says, following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the DLP provided assistance for housing improvements in Marigot. According to Riviere, “very soon” the people will see the construction of over 10 houses in the Melville Hall area.

Furthermore, “negotiations have already concluded with an international agency to partner with the Government of Dominica” for the construction of 27 houses in the Breezy Hills/Sam Gutter area in Marigot.

“And if they think is joke I making,” he affirmed, “I can tell them that construction will begin by the 1st of September.”

Mr. Riviere says he has a vision for Marigot which includes a focus on agricultural development as “agriculture should return to its rightful place here in this constituency”.

Riviere promised to work with farming groups to introduce or develop modern farming techniques such as Greenhouse farming and Hydroponics. He also mentioned developing small farms and reintroducing the tradition of “backyard farming”  to the constituency.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit endorsed the candidacy of Riviere and asked the people of Marigot to make the wise decision of selecting Riviere as their next MP.

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