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Major setbacks for the Diaspora with Dominica’s Ports

Dominican born businessman based overseas Cuthbert Roberts says there is a tremendous amount of efforts by Dominicans abroad to support and contribute towards governments build back better initiative into making Dominica the first resilient country in the world but he says sometimes the situations at the sea ports of entry become a major hindrance to that effort.

He says Dominicans in the diaspora come together and form organizations and groups to seek ways on how best they can assist in sending material and other forms of relief to Dominica via its seas ports but their assistance sometimes become an exercise in futility because of the situation at the ports.

Roberts believes greater efforts needs to be made to clear items at the ports in faster manner.There have also been calls for a greater level of accountability at the Ports.

The other options that has been suggested is to send the money to Dominica but even that too he says becomes an issue as there is a shortage of certain material on island for some time now.

He says a post mortem needs to be done and the best method be arrived at in dealing with these matters.

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