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Mahaut Constituents to Receive New Homes

Thirty Three families of the Mahaut Constituency will move into new homes by 2020 under Government’s Housing Programme.

Land is currently being cleared in Jimmit for the new homes.

Speaking to the Government Information Service, Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency Rayburn Blackmoore said the housing programme will benefit a wide cross section of area residents.

“We have a number of persons working as cashier, labourers,fishermen and junior clerks who have difficulty in going to the bank and contracting loans to get a separate loan to build a house and i think that housing apartment will meet the needs of those people and I am very much happy about that”

He says it is the first component of a comprehensive housing programme for the constituency.

Blackmore continued that there will also be an application process for persons who are interested in obtaining apartments in those areas, but special attention will be shown to persons from the Mahaut constituency.

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