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Local Residents Speak Out On Hampstead Estate Debacle

The Hampstead estate saga continues as official representatives of the Estate have declared, “access to the river should not be restricted and that visitors abide by basic rules that maintain the natural environment free of litter, pollution, and other forms of environmental degradation.”

A release from The Board of Directors of Arbeedee Limited states, “The Board of Directors regrets that a group of individuals were summoned by the Court to answer charges of trespassing on Hampstead Estate. Our company did not approve that action. Any individual shareholder who wishes to safeguard the assets of the company must do so through the Board of Arbeedee Limited.”

Meanwhile, local residents have spoken out on the matter calling the actions of the Douglas sisters unfair to locals as they believe the river has always served as a place of solace and refuge for locals in adverse times.

Resident of the Hampstead area

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