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Local Musicians Advocate for Greater Recognition of Home-Grown Bands

Leading local artists have made a call for the wider appreciation and inclusion of local artists in the WCMF lineup.

After successful and engaging performances on the WCMF stage, Kairi took to interviewing some local artists about the music scene in Dominica where they called for the greater appreciation of local artists.

Speaking to Extasy Band Members, lead vocalist Dion Moses said that although there are local bands, more should be done to highlight these acts during the festival.

Dion Moses, Lead Vocalist of Extasy Band

Speaking on The Midnight Groovers’ performance being cut short, Dominica’s ‘Song Bird’, Michele Henderson said that Chubby and the Midnight Groovers deserved some leeway and respect.

Michele Henderson, Dominican Native Singer and Songwriter

Many who attended the festival that night shared the same sentiment. Giving local artists prime spots during the festival will boost their outreach and in turn drive people to see them here in Dominica.

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