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Local Architects Called To Show Their Skills In Competition For Designs Of New Public Library

Local architects will have an opportunity to show their skills and creativity through their architectural drawings in The New Dominica Library Architect Competition which runs from March 24th to May 4th 2022.

The new library holds substantial historical and cultural significance for Dominica. Construction of the new library is expected to commence this year.

Public works minister Cassani Laville says it will provide the ministry with the perspective and reviews of the general public towards the new library’s design.

Laville is calling on architects to embrace this opportunity bearing in mind Dominica’s rich, cultural heritage

Meantime Chief Technical officer in the Ministry of Public Works Emile Lancelot, says the new library will include an incubation Hall, cultural and learning spaces, meeting and spaces among others.

He say architects have sufficient time to submit only the sematic designs of their work

Chief technical officer Emile Lancelot speaking on Anou Palay

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