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Leblanc Lecture Series Begins This Wednesday

The annual E.O. Leblanc lecture series will open at the UWI Centre auditorium this Wednesday October 5th from seven p.m.

Head of the UWI Centre Dr. Kimone Joseph said that this year like other years the UWI will be following the history week theme, Herbal Traditions.

Lecturers will include Herbalist Reynold Parker Deschamps, presenting on the topic herbal traditions medicinal use of herbs, Wellness Practitioner Nathalie Sister Nats Charles, on herbal traditions the use of herbs in food and cuisine, Pharmacist Dr. Martha Augustine on herbal traditions a pharmaceutical perspective of cannabis and Entrepreneur/Owner of be natural, on herbal traditions the use of herbs in cosmetics and therapeutic spa treatments.


Dr. Joseph says named after our first Premier the late Edward Oliver Leblanc who was very supportive of culture and the arts, as one who started national day long before we were independent, most of the festivities we celebrate now during the month of October, stem from his idea of extravaganzas of our culture.

She said that this lecture series falls perfectly into place in that over the last nine times of it being presented the focus has been on a cultural theme.


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