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Kone Kon La Returns to Soufriere and Scotts Head

As the summer season rolls in, the fishing communities of Soufriere/Scotts Head welcomed Kone Kon La back to their shores this past weekend.

Kone Kon La forms part of the Feast of St Peter celebrations and also serves as a platform to showcase the culture and beauty of the coastal villages.

Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere constituency Denise Charles says Kone Kon La will extend into a monthly event to continue the festive spirit.

Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere constituency Denise Charles

Meantime, delivering the homily at the mass to celebrate the feast of St Peter on Sunday, Monsignor Williams Jno. Lewis  called on fisher folk and fishmongers to ensure they carry the Lord’s command to go and make disciples.

Using Peter as an example he advised the members that when they fish, ensure they fish for the souls of men and share from their catch to reach a life for Christ.

He also called on the congregation to use the authority that God gave the disciples to make a change in the lives of other and not usurp that authority over them but use it in Christ-like manner

Monsignor Williams Jno Lewis

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