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Kairi FM Celebrates 29 Years of Broadcasting Excellence

In a milestone celebration marked by nostalgia and achievement, Kairi FM, Dominica’s Genuine sound, commemorates its 29th anniversary on November 14, 2023.

Since its inception in 1994, Kairi FM has been a driving force in shaping Dominica’s media landscape.

Operations Manager, Sherian Letang, explained the growth of Kairi FM.

Kairi FM remains a resilient and adaptable platform, covering the entire country through its FM bands — 107.8, 93.1, 91.1, and 88.7. Additionally, its presence on Flow TV channel 953 broadens its accessibility to a wider audience.

In its journey, Kairi FM has not only provided a diverse platform for voices but has also established partnerships with sister stations in Antigua and St Lucia, extending its reach beyond national borders.

Operations Manager of Kairi FM

As Kairi FM marks nearly three decades, it stands as a testament to its commitment to community engagement, growth, and meeting the dynamic needs of its audience.

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