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Jungle Bay Grand Opening: PM Praises CBI

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has praised Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) as an important contributor to the island’s economic wellbeing.

Mr. Skerrit addressed the Vine Cutting Ceremony on Sunday to officially open the 120 room Jungle Bay Resort and Spa.

Jungle Bay’s reconstruction, following its destruction during Tropical Storm Erika, was funded under the CBI programme.

The Prime Minister congratulated Jungle Bay owner Sam Raphael, and highlighted the need for Dominicans to work together towards national development.

Prime Minister Skerrit also highlighted the Jungle Bay project as one of many projects under the CBI Programme, and asked citizens to further examine their contributions to Dominica’s environmental preservation.

“This country has a very robust Citizenship by Investment Programme,” he said. “…and this project there [Jungle Bay Resort] which is fully financed by the Citizenship by Investment Programme is a testament to the benefits which we have been deriving from this programme.”

Meantime, Jungle Bay Owner Sam Raphael said his new hotel is just one piece of evidence that Dominica has made significant advancement since the passage of hurricane Maria, highlighting that “We have been hit with two major hurricanes in three and a half years. No one in the Caribbean is going through anything like this… None of them are doing as well as Dominica is doing.”

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