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Independent Foundation For Development of Haitians and Collaborators Donate £50,000 Pounds in Relief Supplies

A Dominican based in the United Kingdom Mrs. Shirley Clarke Hillaire along with the ‘Independent Foundation for the Development of Haitians’ (IFDH) through various organisations based in Nottingham has donated £50,000 sterling pounds of relief supplies to Dominicans and Haitians living in Dominica.

The IFDH is a charity which was founded since 2015 when the island was hit by Tropical Storm Erika.

Executive secretary of International Foundation for the Development of Haitians’
Mrs. Rosemarie George spoke with Kairi News while the supplies were being unpacked in Canefield on Saturday

Mrs. George is urging other organizations based both in the London and the USA to continue to support the relief efforts of Dominica as the island continues to recover from the ravages of hurricane Maria.

Meantime Mrs. Shilery Clarke Hillarie also spoke to Kairi News from London and said she is honored to be able to assist Dominicans still in need following the hurricane.

She said she wanted transparency and therefore contacted The Rotary Club to handle the distribution from the start.

Communities which stand to benefit are : Marigot, Castle Bruce, Point Michel, Salisbury, Mero, Wesley, Woodford Hill and St. Joseph


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