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Prime Minister Calls For Solidarity Among Dominicans This Independence

The Honorable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit in his independence message calls on citizens to engage a sense of duty and solidarity as the nation celebrates forty-four years of political self-governance.

According to the Prime Minister, every major milestone in the life and development of a nation is an occasion for reflection on where we are, where we have come from and the auspicious paths we intend to take.

Mr. Skerrit says these reflections and considerations should not be pondered on simply as an academic exercise but to engage in deep reflection being cognizant of the turbulent past, the first precarious independence steps and to be proud of the tremendous progress which we have made as a small island developing state.

He says there is pride in the clear vision which has been articulated for the country as it celebrates another year of independence and survival in an increasingly challenging world.

He says as the world faces the most perilous times in history and as we in the Caribbean try to survive in the churning waters of global economic uncertainty, contending with the rising prices of basic goods and necessities, caught in the cross hairs of a climate crisis originating from actions elsewhere, governments are called upon to face these challenges while meeting the development needs and aspirations of their people.

The Prime Minister assures Dominicans that in the midst of all this turbulence and distractions as the world grapples with seemingly insurmountable challenges his government will continue to strive to find innovative ways to continue the work to make Dominica a safe and resilient nation in safety, stability and security.

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