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Health Minister Dr Kenneth Darroux attempts to Clear Up Salaries Issue with Nurses

Health Minister Dr Kenneth Darroux has sought to bring some clarity to the issue of salaries and salary negotiations for nurses in Dominica

Several nurses migrated from Dominica following hurricane Maria for what they claimed as better opportunities and employment positions, They believed they were not adequately paid for the work they did.

Darroux addressed the matter at a press conference broadcast live on KairiFm Tuesday.


Dr Darroux says his Ministry has addressed some of the concerns of the Dominica Nurses Association. However,he says we live in a democracy and still does not know the intentions of the DNA as they did indicate that salaries were not the issue when he first met with them.

Darroux says it’s rather unfortunate that nurses would be seeking higher pay just after a major hurricane that caused 225 percent depletion of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, the GDP.

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