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Grotto Home Residents to be Relocated to New Facility at Bellvue Rawle

Board Member and Coordinator for the ‘moving’ project for the Grotto Home Parry Bellot said that the residents will finally be relocated to the new facility by next week. 

He said that the plan is to mobilize assistance from various organizations that would be essential in moving residents. The Grotto’s Home new facility is located at Bellvue Rawle. 

Mr. Bellot made these remarks at a press conference TODAY, Wednesday.

Mr. Bellot also said that over XCD $2 million has been spent thus far at the new facility in Bellevue Rawle. 

Meantime, Mr. Bellot expressed his disappointment in the mismanagement of the funds at the Grotto Home. 

The construction of the new facility began in 2008.



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