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Government To Make Sports A Priority On Island

As Dominica prepares to host two T20 international cricket games this week Senior Minister and Acting Prime Minister Reginald Austrie says this could not have come at a timelier moment following the naming of the East Stand of the Windsor Park Stadium after cricket legend Thomas Kentish.

Speaking at the ceremony on Friday Mr Austrie said government will continue to place sports high on its agenda as the country continues to make significant strides in that area.

Kentish was acknowledged for his very impressive record 56 first class matches as part of the Windward Islands team and the 135 wickets that he has to his name.

Dominica will host Bangladesh vs West Indies on Friday and Saturday and Mr Austrie believes the naming of the stand in the name of Kentish is historic for Dominica.

Mr Austrie says government’s contribution to cricket goes much deeper than naming a stand after Kentish.

He says the hosting of these two very important international matches is all because of Thomas Kentish.

Government is currently discussing a multipurpose indoor facility where every Dominicans can engage in physical fitness activity in accordance with the country goal of maintaining a healthy and fit generation.

Senior Minister Reginald Austrie

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