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Government Secures Funding from the World Bank for the Rehabilitation of the National Abattoir.

The Government of Dominica has secured funding of over USD$1.75 million dollars from the World Bank for the rehabilitation of the National Abattoir.

The project when completed and functional is expected to have the capacity to process 500 birds per hour with the expectation that livestock farmers will be able to meet these targets or increase production capacity at the facility.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Blue and Green Economy through the Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project being funded by the World Bank, as part of the Component for the Restoration and Rehabilitation to Infrastructure within the Agricultural Sector, is progressing with plans to rehabilitate the National Abattoir at its present location in Layou Valley.

Canadian Agribusiness consultant Yvon Bertrand who has been engaged with the Ministry from late 2022, has been on island to engage farmers, hatchery operators, supermarkets and feed importers, to complete a strategic plan for the rehabilitation of the National Abattoir which was severely impacted by Hurricane Maria and not able operate at full capacity.

Mr. Bertrand is recommending that farmers and importers of feed collaborate on enterprises such as bulk importation of products as a group, so as to reduce the cost to individuals.

Canadian Agribusiness consultant Yvon Bertrand.

According to Mr. Bertrand a first order of business would be replacing the roof on the abattoir building.

Work on the rehabilitation of the abattoir is expected to be completed within the next six months.

Meantime one livestock producer Merle Bastien-Williams says her business is being negatively impacted by the reduced services at the abattoir.

She says production at her Black Bird Farm at Bellevue Chopin is now constrained as the abattoir is unable to process the quantity of produce being brought out.

Livestock/Poultry/Vegetable Farmer, Merle Bastien-Williams.

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