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The Government of Dominica has opened the Bidding Process For Telecommunications Service Provider

The Ministry of telecommunications. information science and technology through the government of Dominica has opened the bidding process for telecommunications service provider in the market to provide the service to the commonwealth of Dominica.

Five Telecommunications service providers have placed in their bids to provide the service to Dominica for the next 15 years.

The companies both local and international presented the relevant documents during a bidding process at the government headquarters Friday morning.

The bidders, FLOW, Digicel HP,CPSI and Cizmil all made representations with the hope that they will be able to provide the service

Telecommunications Minister Kelver Darrou spoke to Kairi news shortly after the process.

The bidding process will continue next week during an evaluation where all the technical areas that need to be ironed out will be brought up and addressed so that a bidder can be selected.

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of telecommunications, information science and technology Lucien Blackmore.

The bidding closed at 9:55am on Friday Director of Telecoms Bennet Thomas has called on all bidder should keep to time and ensure they have all the relevant documents and personnel for the official presentation next week.

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