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Government Considers Further Support for Eastern Communities

Residents of the communities of Good Hope, San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere have been reassured that Government is in the process of doing everything possible to ensure their safety and wellbeing following the damage suffered during the passage of torrential rains which left roads impassable, and utilities knocked out by slides and raging rivers.

The villagers were engaged with government officials in a town hall meeting Sunday to review the situation as it regards the needs of the communities and consider the way forward.

The discussions were centered around governments assistance package for persons who are disadvantaged by the situation and to consider and an approach to relocating residents to more stable and adequate housing facilities.

DLP candidate for the Castle Bruce Constituency Octavia Alfred who held the portfolio of Minister for Education speaking at that meeting says Dominica has been through that situation and can well learn from the experience of what happened at Petite Savanne during the passage of Tropical Storm Erica.

Government has pledged housing assistance and support as well as relocation facilities for those in need.

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