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Government Announces Changes in Embarkation Procedures at Ports of Entry

As of March sixth 2023, Dominican Nationals and holders of Dominican passports will no longer be required to fill out immigration embarkation and disembarkation forms when travelling out of the country.

This pronouncement was made by the Honorable Prime Minister during a press briefing Monday also said that a new form will be introduced for visitors to the island.

He says the new forms will be introduced online so visitors can have advanced information sharing to facilitate the transit processing experience.

Mr. Skerrit says however, that holders of Dominican passports will still be required to fill out a customs declaration form which will also be available online.

The Prime Minister highlighted the fact that the current world trend is such that, when departing a country there will be no need to stamp one’s passport a trend he says, has been adopted by many countries around the world and no less the Caribbean.

Honorable Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit.

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