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Good Hope Calls for Relocation After Weather System Leaves Community in Distress

Chairman of the Good Hope Village Council Achille Grove says there are growing concerns over the continuing lack of water in that community.

Grove says however, they are satisfied with efforts to reach and restore access and other utilities in the community, as well as the distribution of assistance packages to residents.

The community of Good Hope along with other villages were cut off by damage suffered after the passage of heavy rains which severely affected communications and access to that area and elsewhere on the east of the island.

Mr. Grove said that farmers and fisher folk were adversely affected with the village being cut off because of some 25 slides in the area; slides he says, caused some residents to flee their homes and seek shelter elsewhere however fortunate there were no fatalities, nor injuries reported.

He said moving forward, residents are concerned about the stability of the area and are expressing the desire to relocate adding that being in touch with the community and giving ear to the voice of the people there is need for dialogue with the authorities as to the most effective way to approach a relocation process.


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