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Fuel companies have reopened their pumps

The Association of Fuel Retailers in Dominica has issued a statement this morning advising the public of the resumption of the sale of fuel from today September 6th.

They say this is in an attempt to give the government additional time to respond to and resolve the issues relating to the industry.

Fuel retailers have noted the revisions to SR&O 26 of 2021 which extends hours of operation, however according to the statement this will not address the issue of the losses suffered by the companies as a result of the model which is being used to determine gas prices.

“We will continue to press upon the Ministry of Trade that some of our members are facing an additional crisis of fuel supply from September 12, 2021 onwards” the association said additionally.

The Association has thanked the public for their patience as they try to achieve a more sustainable and economically viable sector.

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