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Four teams of Kayakis arrive in Dominica from the Dominica/Martinique Channel

Four teams of Kayakis arrived in Grand bay today after crossing the Dominica/Martinique channel as a solidarity activity to mark the strong relations between the northern communities of Martinique and Grand Bay in Dominica.

Following the Passage of Hurricane Maria the Northern Communities of Martinique came to the rescue of the residents in the south of Dominica bringing food and water and other items which were needed at the time.

Since them strong relations have been established between the communities and a decision was taken to symbolize the strong relations with the hosting of a Kayak solidarity relay during local Government Month.

Three French teams and one team from Grand Bay will participate in the historic event. 

Chairman of the Grandbay village council Edward register tells kairi News this is all part of activities to mark Local Government Month.

Mr Register says this is very Symbolic and Historic for Dominica in many ways.

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