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Four men arrested for possession of a firearm and ammunition

Police have arrested and taken into custody, four men, one from Grand Fond and three from Calibishie, on suspicion of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Police Inspector Fixton Henderson has more details.

Police PRO Fixton Henderson

This morning, the four men were taken to the Roseau Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Gloria Augustus.

SEAN BOSTON of Grand Fond pled guilty for possession of the firearm and ammunition.

Boston was fined EC $5,000.00 for the gun to be paid forthwith or one year imprisonment. He was also fined EC $5,000.00 for possession of the ammunition to be paid by March 31st 2024 or one year imprisonment.

The fine was paid and BOSTON has since been discharged.

The charges against the other three men were withdrawn.

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