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Former Scotland Yard Detective calls for a public campaign to help reduce road fatalities in Dominica

Former Scotland Yard detective inspector Dr David Michael has expressed concerns over the manner of driving and the frequencies of road accidents and the number of fatalities resulting from these accidents and collision which results in serious personal injuries to the passenger, driver and pillion riders.

Dr Michael says the office of the disaster management gives several warning when tropical storms are approaching and Dominica take precautionary measures when these warnings are given and there has not been a single injury but he is yet to understand why there are so many road traffic accidents around that same time.

He is therefore is calling for more care and attention to be taken by motorists on the road

Dr Michael says there are too many people who have absolutely no consideration for road users and as such something must be done to ensure road users are either educated by some means or pay for their carelessness on the road.

He is also commending the Commonwealth of Dominica police for being on the scene of an accident within quick time of the occurrence of that accident.

The Former Scotland yard detective is calling for a public education campaign on the proper use of the roads by all motorists

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