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Food and Agriculture Organization to Fully Support Dominica’s Sea Moss Industry

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Fisheries Division are working together to support local sea moss Farmers to increase their production of sea moss in the country as part of government’s efforts to boost the aquaculture industry.
Over the past years, the Commonwealth of Dominica has worked hard at developing the sea moss sector, using its own indigenous variety. However, Gracilaria, the Dominican specie, is slow growing, creating a challenge for farmers and producers alike.
Now through collaboration with the Fisheries Division of the Ministry, FAO has now introduced the production of a more lucrative, fast-growing and sustainable variety of sea moss, called Eucheuma. At present, local and imported Gracilaria, as well as Eucheuma, imported in small quantities, is used to support the demand for sea moss products.
To support the introduction of this specie as a viable alternative for growing in Dominica, FAO will facilitate training of sea moss Farmers in the sustainable farming, harvesting and production of the Eucheuma variety. Scheduled to take place between January and March of 2023, the FAO regional expert on sea moss production will train farmers in good agricultural practices in sea moss production and support dedicated sea moss farms to be better positioned to ensure consistent and quality supply of this fast-growing variety.
This initiative is a part of the FAO Sub-regional Office for the Caribbean Value Chain Development Programme and is specifically geared towards the Sustainable Development of Resilient Value Chains and the implementation of the CARICOM COVID-19 Agri-Food Recovery Plan.

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