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Florian Mitchel Address Concerns With Biodegradable Single Use Items

The General Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation says that there are different biodegradable materials for a range of uses.

He made this comment as a response to complains by some members of the general public, with regards to the quality of the biodegradable cups and containers in circulation ,since the passing of the single-use plastic ban on January 1st 2019.

He stated that “there is a concern with respect to the type of material, in terms of durability, and what we seek to advise the general public is that with the biodegradable product you may have different compositions, something could be made up of cardboard which is paper, something could be made up of molasses or cornstarch, or bamboo, so it depends on your application it is prudent that you sit down with the person you are purchasing from.”

Mitchel went on to say that many companies such as Fort Young Hotel and The Old Stone Bar and Grill used there environmentally friendly products prior to the passing of the ban, as means of protecting the environment.

“Fort Young for a very long time have been using biodegradable products even if there was no formal ban, because they understand the implications of the material and how it is a friendlier material in terms of disposal end for the environment”

He stressed that the ban is not trying to introduce the biodegradable contains and cups into but phase out the Styrofoam and single-use plastics as the biodegradable products were already in circulation by many suppliers.

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