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Fisheries Minister Plans to Grow Boat Building Industry

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Reginald Austrie says local boat builders will be contracted to build 80 fishing boats under a 65-million-dollar world bank-project.

The World Bank approved on April 13 2018, US 65-million-dollar agricultural financing for Dominica on concessionary terms.

Speaking at the hand- over ceremony of three (3) fishing vessels and engines to fishermen of Roseau on Friday, Austrie revealed that the government is awaiting the agricultural financing from the World Bank, and plans to allocate a portion of the loan to Fishing and Boat building industries.

Referring to the 65- million- dollar project, he said, “It makes provisions for the construction of boats up to about $11,000 US dollars per boat… It also makes provisions for… engines… It makes provisions for repairs to our landing sites, it makes provisions for boat building.”

The Minister further revealed that ten (10) local boat builders have already been contacted to build 80 – 85 boats.

Austrie also asked citizens to consider boat- building as an industry in itself.

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