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First Sitting Of Youth Parliament Dedicated To The Late Daniel Panthier, Former Youth Parliamentarian

The National Youth Council began the First Meeting of the First Session of the National Youth Parliament today Wednesday March 23, 2022 where over the next few hours, 31 Youth Parliamentarians will debate and promote the interests of the youth of Dominica.

Chairperson of the National Youth Parliament, Mr. Phael Lander, dedicated the first sitting to the late Daniel Panthier who passed away just hours after his induction into the youth parliament.

Lander says, the concepts of the National Youth Parliament have been embraced globally as a viable mechanism to promote youth participation in democratic processes and active citizenship.

Chairperson of the National Youth Parliament, Mr. Phael Lander

Meantime, Minister for Education and National Excellence Octavia Alfred reminded the parliamentarians, their discussions during this exercise should bring forward new ideas for the further development of the country.

Alfred says increased youth participation and leadership in all fields and political decision making, helps build a safer, inclusive and harmonious society.

Education Minister Octavia Alfred

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