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Fire Chief Reports Record Number Of Emergency Calls In 2021

Despite the effect of Covid 19 on various sectors of society, The Dominica fire and Ambulance services have been able to maintain a high standard of service despite the new normal.

Chief fire officer Wayne Letang says the pandemic took a toll on the operations of the Dominica Fire and ambulance services but new upgraded protocols were implemented to maintain high standards of service delivery.

He says the fire service welcomed an additional 34 persons to the department however, more than 16 members of staff were hit by the pandemic but the team remained resilient.

This past year, the division received over 10 thousand emergency calls, the highest in the department’s history.

Letang added, despite the Covid 19 pandemic the fire and ambulance services have seen an increase in the number of fire prevention activities.

Acting Fire Chief, Wayne Letang.


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