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Fine Foods Inc – Sponsors The Jazz’n Creole Festival 2018

On Monday, April 30th, 2018; Fine Foods, the Biggest Distributor for the Biggest Brands in Dominica announces its sponsorship towards Dominica’s renowned Jazz n Creole Festival, carded for May 20th, 2018 at the Fort Shirley National Park in Portsmouth.

The sponsorship celebrates the unique heritage of Fine Foods Inc. in unity with its supplier Angostura to support Jazz music and entertainment.

“White Oak is one of the most iconic brands of Angostura product line and we are excited to partner with the Dominica Festival Committee to bring a unique event to the island Dominica; following the devastation of Hurricane Maria. White Oak has become known around many retail and wholesale outlets in Dominica. We at Fine Foods, are excited to make White Oak the official rum of Jazz n Creole. The company will also partner with several bars and other entertainment activities in the north to include, Tulip Bar ‘White Oak’ Bar at the main stage event and at the fringe events, Purple Turtle’s Beach Bar, Prince Rupert’s Tavern among others. Persons can enjoy White Oak as a mixed drink, cocktail or on the rocks as desired,” said Nathalie Walsh, Head of Distribution and Marketing for Fine Foods Inc.

The sponsorship will include integration at promotional events leading up to the Jazz event, along with activation of our weekend Happy Hour Lime and Bar Crawls. Other Angostura products available at the bars will include; Single Barrel Reserved Rum, LLB, Hard Wine and Angostura Bitters and Black Label Rum.

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