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Father Martin Declares Passing of Ava Mc Intyre-Roach As Losing a National Treasure

Local Catholic Priest Reverend Father Charles Martin believes Dominica has lost a national treasure in the person of Ava McIntyre Roach.

Ava Mc Intyre-Roach, the former social worker and child’s right activist who passed suddenly last week after a brief illness was laid to rest on Wednesday in the family Tomb in Roseau.

She served as Chief Welfare Officer in Dominica and Director of Chances, a home for disadvantaged children.

Father Martin says we ought to give thanks to God for all that Roach has done amidst the grief and pain she may have left behind.

“Ava will no doubt be remembered for her life, that was brief, but a life that was full, a life lived not selfishly by no means, but for God for Family and for so many others.”

Father Martin says the life of Ava McIntyre Roache should be emulated as she touched many lives during her time on earth.

He continued that “she was relentless in her advocate for the underprivileged and vulnerable children of dominica we thank God for her deep faith her love for her church and her commitment for her ministries of lecture,”

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