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EHD Calls On Yachtees To Respect Protocols

Chief Environmental Health Officer Tassie Thomas says there are protocols for those who operate in the marine sector particularly cargo boats and yachts and she would like these operators to respect the rules governing Covid 19

She says neglect of the protocols by some of these operators put an added burden on frontline workers.

Thomas says All yachts are given clearance in Cabrits Portsmouth and there is no need or reason why yachtees should travel to Roseau to be cleared.

Chief Environmental Health Officer Tassie Thomas

Meanwhile, President of the Portsmouth Yachting Association Andrew ‘Cobra O’Brien says while he appreciates and respects the effort of the Environmental Health department and front-line workers, he would like some further discussion around the table on the issue at hand.

O Brien says yachteees are free-spirited people and would normally clear customs and immigration and move on but unfortunately under Covid 19, Dominica’s rules seem a bit different.

The PAYs president says he is not holding any grudges against the ministry of health, however, there can be greater collaboration including employment of more frontline workers because Covid is something that we may have to live with for some time.


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