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Electoral Reform Press Conference

A group of church, business and civil society leaders on Monday held a press conference under the much talked-about electoral reform.

The group which first met on Wednesday 31st January have stated their sole objective is finding ways for Dominica to achieve the necessary electoral reform before the next general election.

The group says it is concerned, that given the unfinished business of necessary electoral reform, should the general election be held with the public perception that its outcome did not reflect the desire of the majority of the eligible voters, there is chance that civil unrest and disturbances may ensure in the country.

“There’s an issue of public confidence in the genuine interest and industry towards the current electoral reform effort, hence our efforts have been and still are, to attain some reasonable compromise that will resonate well towards the overall interest of our beloved country  in facilitating the holding of a general election which will usher in a government in a peaceful environment wherein citizens accept the outcome as the desire of the majority of the eligible voters and turn their attention to the building and growth of our nation.”

That was Pastor Randy Rodney of the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches.

He further stated that any eruption of unlawful activities and any consequential impact on the business environment will resonate throughout the society, impacting employees, families, churches and the already stressed legal machinery.

“To put it simple, what we want to achieve is that the public will perceive that whoever wins the next general elections has done so fairly and the people will go back to working and building the country. We want to avoid the perception that the elections were not fair that will lead to unrest whereby persons with criminal intent may take advantage of the situation to the detriment of the business community and the country. “



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