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DSWMC Recognizes Improvements

General Manager Of Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, Florian Mitchell says that he has witnessed improvements in the service since the passage of Hurricane Maria.

According to Mitchell, he has seen significant improvements with respect to municipal solid waste collection; that is the refuse that is generated at home.

Mitchell admits that the Dominica Solid Waste has been faced with several issues since Maria due to the magnitude of debris that was evident all over the island.

The general manager stated that the Dominica Solid Waste will be ably assisted with the provision of two new garbage disposal trucks.

The general manager reports that since Maria, there have been more timely and frequent collections.

Mitchell went on to say that in the event of a back log, it is dealt with within a twenty four hour time frame, especially in the urban areas.

Meantime the general manager announced that the Dominica Solid Waste is looking at ways to raise awareness on the many uses of waste and its economic benefits.

The general manager admits that the Dominica Solid Waste is faced with some issues when implementing these strategic ways of utilizing waste as a valuable resource.

According to the general manager, two very important factors is the capital cost that is required and the absence of a legislation to govern a waste energy plan.

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