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DSWMC – Message to Organizations, Groups & Event Holders

As Dominica prepare for a festive Easter this weekend the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation has issued a call to organizations, groups, and event holders to clean immediately or at least 24 hours after events are held.

The cooperation and the Ministry of health have been concerned about the amount of litter and the lack of health rules being observed during festive times by party holders. The two departments have been engaging the public in educational radio programs of some of the standards that should be upheld during festivities.

Jeno Jacob of the Solid Waste Management Cooperation says there is a penalty enshrined in the litter act against those who do not abide by the rules.

Jacob says persons who use a lot of Styrofoam material at patties or for other personal uses, should be mindful that if not disposed of properly, could result in the spread of Leptospirosis.


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