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DOMLEC Resumes Load Shedding Measures Following Trafalgar Landslide

The Dominica Electricity Services Ltd has resumed load shedding measures following a new hiccup in its endeavors to bring consistent service to consumers.

Earlier this week, DOMLEC reported significant improvement in its service delivery to customers due to an increase in lake levels and generators being put back into service.

However, on Tuesday, sections of the pipeline serving the Trafalgar hydro power station was severely damaged by a landslide consisting of mainly heavy boulders. Three sections of piping as well as a key concrete pipe support structure was damaged, while one section of pipe, along with the aforementioned pipe support was completely dislodged and washed downstream by the resulting flood.

According to Public Relations officer at DOMLEC, Adina Bellot Valentine, DOMLEC has taken immediate action to correct the situation.

Despite having to resume load shedding DOMLEC does not expect this process to be as widespread and of the same scale as before and expects this will last until the piping system has been restored.

At present, load shedding schedules for the next few days have been distributed on the Company’s social media.

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