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DOMLEC – Facing Challenges Replacing Material And Stock

Financial analyst at DOMLEC Clyde Edwards says the company is having challenges replacing material and stock following Hurricane Maria. Purchasing of material has been a challenge for the company as the rebuilding efforts continue following the widespread devastation of hurricane Maria to the island

He says the store since the hurricane materials at DOMLEC stores have depleted significantly and as such the company has to manage effectively the distribution of material that is in stock

Mr. Edwards says luckily DOMLEC counterparts in the neighboring islands were able to come to the assists of Dominica within quick time.

 Mr. Edwards has however commended the DASP for the efficient manner in which it has been able to handle the clearing of DOMLEC material to help electrify the country in a faster way

Edwards says there were some setbacks at the ports but DOMLEC was able to amicable iron out all issues with DASPA in an effort to get the material in a more timely fashion.

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