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Domlec continues to face challenges with the massive recovery process.

Health and safety officer at the Dominica electricity Services Brandon Henry says health and safety continue to be a challenge for the company particularly now with a significant increase it staff during the re-electrification process throughout the country.

He told DOMLEC Power talk on Kairi this week that DOMLEC had had to increase its staff from 200 hundred to over 400 to assist in the recovery process.

He says these are men and women who have had their fair share of challenges from uncovered houses to no electricity or other amenities that would require them to lead a normal life

Henry says DOMLEC is also extremely grateful for the level of support it has received from it overseas partners.

Henry says everyone that is seen on the DOMLEC Team on the field has had to go through the health and safety measures at the company before venturing out.

Meantime PRO of DOMLEC Adina Bellot Valentine says there is still a lot more work to be done. She says meantime customers must ensure their certificates are presented to DOMLEC before re-connection.

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