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Dominica’s Ministry Of Agriculture Has Reiterated Government’s Goal Of 7 Hundred Million Dollars From The Agricultural Sector By The Year 2030

With import bills skyrocketing and qualms rising from farmers island-wide, the Ministry of Agriculture on Wednesday, pledged its focus on the agricultural sector to bolster the GDP in addition to seven hundred million dollars by 2030.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Agriculture Reginald Severin promises the focus of the Ministry on the agricultural sector. In retrospect, Severin noted that the import bill is significantly high, with of imports being meats.

He hopes that moving forward the Ministry of Agriculture can support local farmers by providing incentives and investments to those individuals to tackle that import bill.

Many have self-funded their products, often not being paid upfront by retailers and not having the facilities for maximizing production.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Agriculture Reginald Severin.

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