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Dominica’s Minister for Commerce Enterprise Roslyn Paul has taken a swipe at the opposition

Dominica’s Minister for Commerce Enterprise and Small Business Development Roslyn Paul has taken a swipe at the opposition saying that there is a disconnect in the opposition’s voice when they speak and that they seem to have no link between the social and economic situations of citizens.

She was making her contribution to the Social recovery response agency bill which was passed by Parliament and which also provides various opportunities for young entrepreneurs, small businesses, the vulnerable and students who need help with educational needs among others.

These opportunities have been opposed by critics of the government particular the opposition.

Paul believes the Opposition lacks inside and vision and has no connection with the people.

Paul is of the view that the opposition needs to be more sympathetic to people’s needs especially when they are going through difficult times.

She says government assistance to citizens is all aimed at alleviating poverty on the island.

Miss Paul says the new bill comes at an opportune time as the country rebuilds better.

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