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Dominica’s Health Professionals Observe World Hand Hygiene Day 2023

Today, May 5th, health professionals in Dominica observed World Hand Hygiene Day 2023 under the theme, “Accelerate action together. SAVE LIVES – Clean Your Hands.” The annual event is an opportunity for healthcare workers to emphasize the importance of hand hygiene in preventing infections and promoting patient safety.

Nurses at the Dominica China Friendship hospital (DCFH) hosted  activities to highlight the significance of performing proper hand hygiene during healthcare delivery. According to Ruby Blanc, Medical Director at the DCFH, hand hygiene saves millions of lives every year when performed at the right moments during healthcare delivery.

Meantime Infection Prevention and Control Officer at the DCFH, Nurse Joanna Laurent-Blaize, noted that the hospital has maintained high standards for hand hygiene in recent years in an effort to improve patient care. As a result, the DCFH has earned an advanced position in the World Health Organization’s Infection Prevention and Control assessment.

Nurse Laurent-Blaize emphasized that hand hygiene is a fundamental aspect of preventing the spread of infections in healthcare settings. She added that the Dominica China Friendship Hospital is committed to continuing its efforts to maintain high standards of hand hygiene to ensure excellent patient outcomes and the safety of healthcare workers.

As health professionals in Dominica mark World Hand Hygiene Day 2023, they are committed to accelerating action and working together to promote hand hygiene practices that save lives and protect the health of both patients and healthcare workers.

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