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Dominica’s Covid-19 cases rise to 738

The number of Covid-19 cases has climbed after the country realized a decrease in numbers in recent days.

Dominica now records 738 covid-19 cases and one death.

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed reported the statistics at Wednesday’s Covid-19 update.

Meantime Dr. Ahmed took time to explain the statistics from the initial cases discovered on July 28th.  He presented charts indicating spikes in the number of cases on August 10 and August 16th.  He says a dramatic reduction in PCR tests on August 12 was because the Ministry of Health no longer needed to confirm antigen positives with PCR testing.

Meantime Dr Ahmend confirmed that a large majority of the Covid-19 cases are from the Roseau Health District.

National Epidemiologist, Dr Shallaudin Ahmed

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