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Dominican Singer-songwriter Releases New EP, ‘Bleu’

Artist: Navy

Release: BLEU EP (10th September – Pretty Boy Worldwide / The Other Songs)

For Fans Of: Poppy Adjudah // Joy Crookes // Cleo Soul // Tiana Major9

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“A crisp hip-hop beat provides the backbone here while a subtle bassline and some twinkling

keys shimmer around the mix behind Navy’s rich, smoky vocals” – Complex UK


“Dominican singer Navy who we discovered here on the show back in October with the track

Pity and we’ve been loving her ever since. Going from strength to strength, this is her new one –

it’s Navy ‘One Shot’” – Dotty, Apple Music


“As one of the most soothing and eloquent Island Pop artists to debut last year” – Notion


“Drenched in elements of reggae, soul and contemporary hip hop, the Dominican singer-

songwriter uses her Caribbean influences to create a shimmering single that represents her

vision and lifestyle.” – Wonderland

“An eloquent lyricist whose music is powered by her unwavering belief in the strength of

language and heritage.” – The Line of Best Fit


Combining an irresistible songwriting style and a powerful message for change in her music,

Dominican songwriter NAVY returns with her culturally important and musically exceptional new

EP ‘BLEU’. Featuring her two previous singles ‘One Shot’ and ‘LMK/ Tower’, it’s a body of work

that showcases an artist at the top of her game, finding her place as one of the most important

voices in Hip Hop & Soul in 2021. Singles from the project have already achieved support from

Complex, Notion, Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, Gal-Dem, and plenty more. Spotify has

also regularly supported her work across their ‘How We Do’, ‘Riffs & Runs’, ‘Chilled Reggae’,

‘Surface’ and ‘Island Pop’ playlists.


Working alongside Caribbean label and creative community Pretty Boy Worldwide, has been

crucial to Navy’s musical output over the past few years. Working with a team of creatives that

nurtures local talent from the Caribbean, has been essential to her creative growth. A huge

believer in the power of language and heritage in music, Navy regularly writes and performs in

Creole, a language used by enslaved people in the Caribbean to communicate with each other,

Creole differs from island to island, although it always has similar roots –


“Travelling outside of the Caribbean opened my eyes as to how important it is to stand up for

what I am. I’m not about to change my skin colour or pretend I’m something or someone I’m not.

You either accept me or you don’t, there are millions of artists out there. If you don’t like my

stuff, move along.” – Navy


On her debut EP, we hear Navy showcasing local style & musical creativity with her own unique

passion. On the lead single from the EP, Navy fearlessly addresses the historical abuse of black

people, with an affecting and at times heartbreaking visual. Speaking on the inspiration behind

the single, Navy states:


“Diamonds is a radical hip-hop hymn where I look at the historical abuse of black people and the

lack of value they held to the oppressors. In the song I call on the ancestors for protection and

retribution for the people wrongfully murdered and abused whose precious lives meant less

than… I see the oppressed to be more precious and more valuable that any diamond of any

value. The chorus being in creole is a direct link to the African Slave Trade which is part of the

Caribbean’s history, showing how the resilience of the slaves still carries on in language today.

Though it’s a lament, it’s a symbol of strength and will to survive.”


Navy is available for interviews or live opportunities. Please email


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