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Dominica to See Digital Advancements In 2019

Dominicans are to prepare for various digital advancements over the next two years.

In his budget address on Tuesday, Prime Minister Skerrit announced his vision to make Dominica the most digitally advanced society within the English- speaking Caribbean.

In keeping with this vision, the government is to embark on an underground fiber optic network to connect all schools, health facilities and government agencies on the island.

The Prime Minister stated that the project will be completed in 2020, but core facilities in Roseau will be connected before the peak of the hurricane season this year.

“Our core sites will be ready for the height of this year’s hurricane season,” he said, “ensuring that we remain connected tot he rest of the world despite what Mother Nature might throw on us”.

Mr. Skerrit also said that the project will allow schools to have unlimited access to online learning by September of this year.

To further encourage digital advancement in Dominica, Government has agreed to participate in a regional digital transformation program.

According to the Prime Minister, this programme will be funded by the World Bank. It targets youth and the disabled, and will ensure job creation in the digital industry.

“It is expected to create a critical mass of digitally skilled workers and entrepreneurs, to attract digital investment, and drive digital innovation, business and job creation”, he said.

According to Mr. Skerrit, the programme compliments the vision that the Dominica Labour Party has for Dominica, and for “ensuring that we benefit from the opportunities that a digitalized environment will bring”.


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