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Dominica Records 625 Active Cases of COVID-29

As of Wednesday 15th September, Dominica has 625 active cases of the Coronavirus on record. There were 60 new cases recorded yesterday, 56 of those being Antigen positives while 4 were PCR positives.

Since the start of the pandemic last March, Dominica has confirmed 2758 cases of the virus with 2125 having recovered.

There have been 8 Covid-19 related deaths.


Meantime, Health Educator, Sabrina Bernard has issued a word of clarification to the Dominican Public regarding proper mask etiquette.

Speaking on Kairi’s Heng on Wednesday, she reminded the public that simply wearing a mask is not enough. Bernard says she has noticed people reusing surgical masks and that should not be the case. She says these masks are single-use and should be disposed of after 6 hours.

She also added that while cloth masks can be used multiple times, they need to be washed in-between uses. It is important that the reusable masks be dried in the sun or ironed after being washed. This is because heat kills any bacteria or germs that may have been left behind after washing.

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