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Dominica Issues Over 30-thousand ePassports Since Launch In 2021

As Dominica transitions to the new ePassport Minister for National Security Rayburn Blackmoore says over thirty thousand ePassports have been issued since its launch in 2021.

The transition to the new epassport is an initiative to achieve maximum security standards for Dominica’s passport holders. The updated passport has high-tech features as it contains all the vital data related to its holder and is expected to help the Dominican government to address the growing threats of identity theft, enhance border security and keep its citizens and residents safe.

Dominica also embarked on a passport processing tour within the region. According to Minister Blackmoore, these mobile units have processed over five hundred passport applications for Dominicans living overseas.

The minister says the success of these mobile units within the region have proven that these units are able to function anywhere in the world.

Minister for National Security Rayburn Blackmoore

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